As your author is an investor in the UpCity SEO platform, I’m not “reviewing” the site in the sense that I’m objectively testing the software; rather, this blog post is meant to give a review of UpCity’s current status.

The precursor of UpCity focused mainly on SEO. UpCity however is freshly capitalized and more broadly focused towards business owners who need help with their overall inbound marketing, and as such, addresses all of the major organic/free traffic channels on the Web: SEO, social, local, email, mobile, etc.

The fact that the software does include mobile as a category within the inbound marketing umbrella is why I’m writing about it here. I feel the software’s reporting and task management system might be a good start for business owners who want to make their site more “mobile SEO friendly”.

For site owners whose marketing budget is, well, “anything that’s free”, you can get free daily tips from the UpCity blog, UpCity newsletter, or UpCity twitter account. You can also connect with the team on Facebook or Pinterest. As the share of mobile search queries (relative to total search queries) grows, it will be interesting to see what kinds of other web apps and services pop up to help small business owners optimize their Web presences for mobile.